California Betta Society

2017 Spring IBC International Show hosted by California Betta Society

Show Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017
Show Location: Embassy Suites Santa Clara - Silicon Valley
2885 Lakeside Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 496-6400
Show Chairs: Larissa Williams and Holly Rutan
Phone: 408-368-0868 (text okay)
Schedule: Friday, June 2
  • 9am-5pm:  Set-up and drop-off for carry-ins 
    (volunteers only - but all are welcome to volunteer and help!)
    (no carry-in after 5pm!)

Saturday, June 3

  • 8am-noon: Judging (judges and volunteers only)
  • noon-2:30pm: Show room open to the public
  • 2:30pm-4pm: Q&A with Gianne Souza, IBC Judge and blogger at Inglorious Bettas
  • 4pm-6pm: Auction and Raffle (including the Breeder's Cup Fish!)

A video of each show fish* will be shown at the same time it's up for auction!!   
*as long as they’ll pose while filming ;D

There will also be a cash table open from noon until the end.  Items such as live foods, indian almond leaves, bettas, and more will be available at the cash table for immediate purchase.


Entrant Information:
Judges: David Spector, Christine Tanner, Gianne Souza, Amit Pandya
Show Mail In:

June Delane
292 Duarte Ct.
Milpitas, CA 95035

  • Note: Please do NOT check 'signature required'! June is there to get the fish, but can't always get to the door in the amount of time the delivery people give. The fish will be fine on the porch and she'll be right there to get them. Don't let them go back to the post office - that's more delay and hazard for the poor fish.
  • Note: Please do NOT label your shipping boxes as "Live Fish". We have had issues in the past with certain shipping companies holding boxes marked in this manner.  Label them as “Water Samples” or “Liquid – Water” instead. (If you don’t mark them as water, they can also be held up!)  Please send your fish through the United States Postal Service if at all possible.  Note that sending through UPS or FedEx can result in mishandling and/or delay. 
  • Mail-in entries need to arrive no later than 5 PM Thursday and NO EARLIER than Tuesday. Entries which arrive prior to Tuesday will be shipped back and will NOT be entered in the show.
  • You MUST pre-register all your show and auction fish!  Email your entry form to the show chairs by Wednesday. No entries will be benched if not pre-registered for the show.
  • Please include in the box a copy of your completed entry form, even if you have pre-registered.
Show Fish: CBS will need to receive a copy of your entry form, all fees, and return postage with your fish.  Return postage and entry fees cannot and will not be deducted from auction proceeds. Please provide a return mailing label, empty bags, and heat packs (if desired) with your fish.
Walk-ins: All walk-in entries must come in during set-up on Friday. No later than 5pm.  Please notify the show chair when you will be arriving with your fish. You must tell the show chair if you are bringing walk-in entries!  All walk-ins MUST be pre-registered.  Send pre-registrations to the show chairs.

All walk-in entrants must either pick up fish after the show or provide an insulated shipping box, bags, shipping address, and return postage.

Entry Fees: For IBC members, entry fees are $2 per single entry and $3 per pair, with a limit of 50 entries. For non-IBC members, the fees are $4 per single entry and $6 per pair, with a limit of 10 entries for non-members.

Make checks payable to "California Betta Society".
PayPal is accepted; send PayPal payments to

Auction Fish: In addition to any show fish, entrants may also send Auction-Only fish.  There is a maximum of no more than 20 auction-only fish per breeder. Unless marked on the entry form, auction fish have a minimum bid of $5.00.

Auction fish should include return postage - which will be refunded if unused. (You also have the option of donating any unsold fish to the club. We will make every effort to sell at auction, but we do not guarentee sales.)

Auction is for Bettas only (any species), aquarium plants, and food cultures. Dry goods (tanks, food, etc) are only accepted for walk-in (no mail ins). All auction and cash table fish MUST be pre-registered!


Cash Table: The California Betta Society hosts a "Cash Table" as well as an auction. The Cash Table is open all hours of the show and people can take home items that they buy immediately. This option is there primarily for people who may not be able to stay for the whole time so they can have a chance to get some quality fish and items. Sellers of bettas and plants can consider the Cash Table as similar to the "Buy it Now" feature on Aquabid. Sellers can put a higher price on a Cash Table item, and then if it is unsold by the time we get to the auction, it will be put in the auction for the auction minimum bid. If any bettas or plants are still left after the auction, they can then also be sold for the Cash Table price. This is a good option for both sellers and buyers as it gives more flexibility in the selling and who is able to take home the fish.
Breeder's Cup: All entrants are invited to donate a pair of bettas for our Breeder’s Cup Raffle. These pairs will be raffled during the show. The entrant whose pair sells the most raffle tickets will win a special prize!

Money Split:
  • Show Fish for Auction - 75% seller / 25% CBS
  • Auction Only/Cash Table - 50% seller / 50% CBS
    (includes all non-fish items such as plants, cultures, and dry goods)
Unsold Items: We will make every effort to sell all fish at auction, but we do not guarentee sales. Please include information about what you would like done with unsold items.  Options are:
  1. Have them returned to you (providing you have included return shipping money) (default option)
  2. Reduce the price until they are sold (reduction at auctioneer's discretion)
  3. Club donation - generally, fish will be sold to club members at the next general meeting (option used if entrant has not provided money for return shipping)
Show Results: No results will be given over the phone. Show results will be posted online at the IBC website no later than Monday evening.


Even if you can't come, send your fish for the Show or Action Only.
Your fish want to come to California!

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