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Welcome to the California Betta Society
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Photo by Borin Taing
Next Meeting:
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Topic: Fun Times for All
Location: Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco's Pier 39
Pier 39
San Francisco, California
Time: Lunch before TBD, Aquarium at 1pm, BTS at 4pm

Purpose of the meeting is:
It's been a long time since we've had a local meeting (going down to GSB doesn't count!) We're doing a fun one to get back into local meetings, going through the Aquarium of the Pacific as a group and general fish talk. Some of us will be doing lunch before hand (TBD) and some will be doing the behind the scenes tour after.

You are responsible for purchasing your own ticket. (We encourage discounted tickets if you want.) Also, we know parking in the city can be expensive, so we encourage mass transit or carpool if you want.

More details about the meeting and general discussion about it on facebook in the event section.

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