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California Betta Society

Welcome to the California Betta Society
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Dedicated to the Keeping & Breeding of Betta splendens
Photo by Borin Taing
4th Saturdays, 1-4pm

Come Join Us!
Our meetings are usually held on 4th Saturdays, from 1-4pm. The first hour is for socializing and food, second hour for topic presentations and discussion (and then we tend to run over, so...).

The locations vary based on range around the San Francisco Bay area and any special topic we're discussing. Details from month to month are posted in our Facebook group, California Betta Society. Come on in, we're friendly. :)

For more information about meetings, shows, and other things we're doing, please see our Facebook Page for more details or email


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We recommend that Betta breeders and hobbyists join the
International Betta Congress (IBC)

California Betta Society (CBS) is an International Betta Congress chapter

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